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JAN 15, 2017 “Win the future together” – Souvi Hold 2017 Annual Party

Jan 15, 2017, Souvi hold 2017 annual party before Chinese Spring Festival. In the party, Company Chairman Mr. Zhu Lifeng delivered a keynote speech – “Dream”,and set up an annual target for 2017, revenue and gross margin double in comparison to 2016. 
In the party, Top 10 outstanding employees received grand commendation from the management team. Every employee gets a gift for Chinese New Year.





  • Beijing headquarters
  • ADD:Jiahua Building B-4, No. 9 Shangdi Third Street, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Wuxi subsidiary
  • ADD:Information Industry Science and Technology Park 403, 21 Yangtze River Road, Wuxi New District.